Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner’s

Do you know IQ just measure Math & Language Skill ? if your child have low IQ they not automatically stupid, may be they have another intelligence like below pictures, if your child have one of 9 intelligences below, so they”re intelligence enough.


  • Do you Know Rudy Hadisuwarno ? He is  good in hair stylist,
  • Do you know Rudy Hartono ? He is good in sport
  • Do you know Rudy Choirudin ? He is good in cooking
  • Do you know Rudy Soedjarwo ? He is good in film making
  • Do you know Rudy Wowor ? He is good as dancer & koreografer

as you seen a lot of people name Rudy but they have different skill/intelligence.

in army, soldier train can be crawl, jump, run, swim even fly use parachute, but in animal army, you can’t teach bird to crawl, snake to jump, or fish to run, or lion to swim. they have their own skill/intelligence.

You can’t push your child to be good in Math or language if they smart in other area, you need to train your child in the area he is smart so make his intelligence can be developed.

HolyStar Curriculum embrace Multiple Intelligence as we believe every kid is smart but which area they’re smart ? so our students can join to all of our Extra Curriculars (Music, PE, Art/craft, Computer, etc, and  We try to find student talent’s by join Student Convention every year, so our student learn a lot of skills like art ( ), craft (, sport, performance ( , singing (, music (, photography (, computer (, academic ( ) & Scripture ( Please download: Student Convention 2017 Regulation to understand the program.

With our unique curriculum & our flexible time (student can join school 1 time a week till 5 times a week, and can join and back home between 8.30 to 14.30), your kid also can become professional athlete, actor/actress, etc while they join the school. No need to sacrifice their school for their professionalism, they can do both if they go to HolyStar Christian International School.