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HolyStar Christian International School is fully English school with affordable school fee and the best International curriculum in Jakarta to prepare your kid to face globalization.

logo holy starHolyStar Christian School using The Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) or School of Tomorrow (SOT) curriculum provides opportunity for both student and teacher directed individualized learning. Students using this Biblically based curriculum are encouraged to progress at their own rate in order to reach their full potential in Christ.

HolyStar School is suitable for high IQ / Genius  student because they can manage their own speed in study, HolyStar School also suitable for gifted student because they can practice their talent in music, sport, acting, etc with our flexible time of study. Student with special need like ADHD, Autism, low IQ etc also can follow all the subjects very well because of indivualized learning. 

Watch our video presentation, “Presenting Accelerated Christian Education” below, to learn more about the A.C.E. system of individualized mastery-based learning. See how this unique program can help your children develop their full potential.

HolyStar Christian School with The Accelerated Christian Education ( ACE ) or School of Tomorrow ( SOT ) curriculum at Jakarta for parents that obey The Great Commandment

HolyStar Christian School is ACE Schools or SOT Schools in the border of South/West & nearby Central Jakarta.


Golf practice at Senayan 2013