Goal Card Trains Students to be Responsible

Goal card

The A.C.E. program has a few key tools, one of those is the Goal Card. Once a student has completed his goal, he should then set the next day’s goal. This goal is set in detail; by subject and by page number. His key responsibility for the day is to accomplish the goals he has set.

The Goal Card is placed in front of him in his office. Throughout the day, as he completes the work in each PACE, he will cross off that goal on the Goal Card. His responsibility is to do this for all the subjects he has set. If he is not able to complete all his goals at school, his responsibility is to take the unfinished work home and complete it.

In the process of accomplishing his goals everyday, he develops diligence and perseverance. Most of all, he develops responsibility and ownership of his learning.

In the working world, companies spend a lot of resources training staff in time-management. The same set of skills and character traits are developed in the application of the Goal Card. A.C.E. students learn this task from a young age and this training continues until graduation.