Why A.C.E. is the solution?

Why A.C.E. is the solution?

Many students fail to learn adequately

Conventional school requires students to obtain only 51% to pass their exams. Students who go through schools without sufficient understanding will graduate without sound thinking skills and understanding. They have not passed High School, they merely move from one grade to the next.

Mastery Learning

The A.C.E. program requires students to have mastered their learning by getting them to sit for many tests (called Check Ups) to reinforce learning, a Self Test to again reinforce the learning of the earlier tests, and obtain a minimum of 90%, and a final test that requires students to obtain 80% or more.

Class not Individual

Conventional schools think in terms of a class. Their teachers teach in order to complete the syllabus assigned to them at the end of each class. The teachers’ primary task is to teach the class and not the individual. He/she will not be able to make sure that every one understands the lesson.

Teach the Individual

A.C.E. believes education must be designed to suit the individual. God made each of us different academically, even though we may be of the same age. So the program is paced at the individual’s ability and not the teachers. Consequently, students learn at their individual speed. In A.C.E., the opportunity to succeed is available to every student.

A.C.E. Learning Outcomes

A.C.E. is a Program that is learning focused; provides character training; and develops thinking skills

A.C.E. is more than a text-book curriculum. Some users, who see the PACEs as textbooks or workbooks, take the approach that by merely reading and passing the PACE test, they have completed the program. This is far from the truth and consequently, their students miss out on many of the benefits A.C.E. offers.

A.C.E. consists of three components, namely: PACEs, the A.C.E. Procedures and Student Convention. These three work together to produce the learning outcomes.

Academic Knowledge

The most basic outcome of any curriculum is the learning of academic knowledge and understanding of facts and subject matters. Students need to know basic knowledge about the world and how it functions.

thinking skillsCritical Thinking

Critical thinking is achieved when students are trained to think in the higher order thinking skills Critical thinking is not developed naturally. It is crucial that the student is able to think in order to be effective.

Student Convention and PACEs are designed to engage students to think in the Higher Order Thinking Skills. Student Convention provides opportunities to think outside the box, to create new pictures, songs, or playing creatively to attack or defend in sports or chess. Students are challenged to go beyond memorizing and understanding to analyze, evaluate and creatively design their work.

Mastery Learning

The PACEs and the procedures of A.C.E. are designed as integral components to develop mastery of concepts and critical thinking. Some users see A.C.E. as merely the workbooks or PACEs. In reality, the PACE is a self-instructional booklet, and it works together with the A.C.E. procedures. In fact, without complying to the procedures, students may be tempted to look for answers instead of learning. Not only will they not master the work, but looking for answers will not enhance their overall learning.

Character Training

We want our children to have godly characters, to grow to act right before God and men. Consequently, we need to train our students to act and behave accordingly. Their character must be trained, shaped and directed.

The PACEs teach principles of character in all the subjects. However, character training requires the application and correction of these principles. It is the A.C.E. system that puts these principles into application. The raising of the flags, the scoring of the PACEs, the pushing of the chairs, and many more procedures within the A.C.E. program are training students in patience, perseverance, honesty, consideration and many other character traits. This is the application element of character training. Without application, character training is not complete. It is merely character teaching, that is, teaching the principles of character. It is merely knowledge of good character.

Wisdom & Biblical Values

The A.C.E. program aims to inculcate godly wisdom and Biblical values into the students. Through the program, students will know Biblical principles, Biblical knowledge and Biblical character. One obtains wisdom when one makes decisions and acts rightly before God. It is then that he brings hope and blessings upon his life.

Life Skills

A.C.E. seeks to educate the whole child. Consequently, students need to graduate having identified their talents so that they can serve God through contributing their skills to their community. Therefore, it is important that life skills are developed.

Project Handling & Skill Development

A.C.E. offers more than PACEs. There is the annual Student Convention where students come together in a residential situation and compete in art, craft, platform, music, athletics, academics, and photography. The preparation period that leads to Convention trains students to be committed to following through on the tasks they choose so as to bring them to completion. This is a good training ground for student as it teaches responsibility, perseverance, diligence, confidence, team-work and develops their talents and skills.

Why HolyStar is the best international homeschooling for special need student ?

  1. There are no mid/final Exam either before passing grade 10/12, so that no student failing a grade, instead they can go to next grade quickly & automatically. But we have lots of small tests, in 1 pace/chapter (30-40 pages), there are 3 checks up (every 10 pages), 1 self test & 1 pace test. 1 subject like Math there are 12 books for 1 grade, and we have 7 subjects (Math, Science, Social, English, Word Building, Creative Writing/Literature & Bible), so there are 420 tests (84 paces @ 5 tests) in 1 grade . This way of learning is called repeating, going into long term memory compare exam while student study 1 week/month before exam go to short them memory, after exam they forgot everything. Special need students will get more benefit for it.
  2. There is no bullying at school either in words or in action, some special need students feels the school more hoomy than their home.
  3. Children are taught to be independent from a young age, by setting goal cards every morning, for example: today do math from page 1-4, science page 4-8 and so on, if in the afternoon you don’t finish working on those goal card, it will become homework. So students learn planning & evaluation every day. Millions – hundreds of motivational trainings also teach goal oriented, but nothing works, because it doesn’t become a habit, with goal cards, students become goal oriented because it becomes a habit, because they do it every day. This goal card educates students to be independent (have goals/goal oriented ). Special need students need this character.
  4. Flexible time, School Hours 8.30 – 14.30 Monday – Friday, but students may enter 1 time or 2 times or 3 times or 4 times or 5 times a week/month/a year and they can enter 8am/9am/10am/11am and return home at 11am/1pm/2pm. Special need student love it.
  5. At HolyStar students can learn onsite and online (hybrid) on flexible time.
  6. Our teachers don’t teach in front of the class, but one to one until students understand. English teachers teach English, math teachers teach math and so on. Likewise for online classes, our teachers do not teach via zoom but via WhatsApp (call/chat/video call) on a one-to-one basis. We called it Individualized Learning. It’s very useful for special need students
  7. Students’ study desks are cubicle & the teacher teaches one to one, so students who are Attention Deficit can focus more on studying.
  8. Graduates of HolyStar students during college/work find it easier to get along with older/underclassmen/peers, because at HolyStar students are used to associating with students who are older/younger/the same age, because at HolyStar 1 classes can be of various ages/ class.
  9. Under normal conditions, PKBM HolyStar is like a public school:
    • fun time 2 times a year,
    • field trips 2 times a year,
    • 5 extra curricular activities : sports (PE), music, IT, art, craft, etc.
    • band/music practice before devotional service so that it educates students to work together,
    • projects/labs for science  & social studies,
    • Reading Bible in sequence daily
    • 2x breaks time:  10.30 & 12.30 so students can socialize daily
    • study groups, learn to work together.
  10. Studying at HolyStar can be shorter, because 1 grade can be completed in less than 1 year depending on how diligent of the student, although ADHD/Autism students can still complete 1 grade in less than 1 year (see this video, Autism students can do 4 pace tests in 1 day : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkOWD2ZOhjk&t=13s), and HolyStar students who pass grade 10 can go to college (there are various colleges, there are colleges that are 2 years in Indonesia + 1-2 years in abroad already Bachelor/S1, some are pure college 2 years in College + 1-2 years at University), HolyStar grade 10 certificate called High School Certificate of HolyStar Christian International School issued by Accelerated Education Ministries Australia so accepted in college 160 country.
  11. We are grateful to the Lord Jesus, for giving our teachers love, wisdom, patience and many other characters of the Lord Jesus, so that they have succeeded in educating many naughty students to be good, who used to like to bully friends, now they like to help friends, who used to like to fight , now likes accompanying new students like Barnabas, even children who are less focused (Attention Deficit) can now work on their paces / books more than the target / goal card, even children with autism who used to be aggressive become gentle & kind.
  12. Other schools may have more complete facilities than us, have more difficult lessons than us, and have more subjects than us, but with a one to one (Individualized) teaching system, our teachers are full of love, wisdom & patience from the Lord Jesus and miracles from God Jesus (our teachers pray every morning & evening for students) managed to change the lives of our students who used to be naughty, with ADHD, Autism, & other ABK to be good.

Holy Star School, an educational institution that provides high-quality education and a nurturing environment for students. Here are a few reasons why you should consider Holy Star School:

  1. Excellent Academic Programs: Holy Star School offers a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on both academic excellence and character development. They strive to provide a well-rounded education that prepares students for success in their future endeavors.
  2. Qualified and Dedicated Faculty: The school has a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers who are passionate about education. They are committed to helping students reach their full potential and provide personalized attention to each student.
  3. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Holy Star School is equipped with modern facilities and resources to support effective learning. They have well-equipped classrooms, science laboratories, libraries, and other amenities that enhance the learning experience.
  4. Holistic Approach: The school believes in nurturing the overall development of students. They focus on not only academics but also extracurricular activities, sports, and character building. Holy Star School aims to develop well-rounded individuals who are prepared for life beyond the classroom.
  5. Strong Community and Values: Holy Star School fosters a strong sense of community among students, parents, and teachers. They emphasize values such as respect, integrity, and compassion, creating a positive and supportive learning environment.

Whether you’re a parent looking for the right school for your child or a student seeking a nurturing and engaging learning environment, Holy Star School could be the perfect choice.