ACE Home School Curriculum Offers You

Affordable Accredited Academics

img_1157ACE home school curriculum, also known as Accelerated Christian Education, provides concerned parents an affordable, accredited home schooling solution.

ACE has been a leader in the home education movement since 1970; serving and support home educators and their families all over the world.

You will find a complete line of curriculum and supplemental home school material to train children to love God, and apply Biblical principles to everyday situations.

Mastery-based, Self-Instructional Curriculum

ACE utilizes the workbook teaching method; PACES are both mastery-based (students master concepts before moving on) and self-instructional (students learn independently with minimal teacher-led instruction). Each unit is called a PACE and each course includes twelve PACES, that a student completes during the year.

Money-saving Options

A cost-effective affordable homeschooling option is participating in their independent study program. As a home educator, you have complete control over the courses your child takes and own home school administration.

You save money by doing some work yourself but still enjoying the benefits of accredited homeschooling curriculum.

ACE Support and Help

ACE provides a full customer service department, to answer your questions so you will never feel lost or confused.

You begin using ACE home school curriculum by purchasing the ACE Quick Study Guide or Parent Orientation Guide – homeschool manual, sample PACE workbook, diagnostic tests for your child and a homeschool record keeping set.

Once you complete the Guide, you will be completely prepared to purchase product orders from ACE.

When you choose Accelerated Christian Education®, you get more than an organization that just sells curriculum. You get a Christian team of professionals who are committed to support all your educational needs.