Why our International Curriculum is the best ?

  1. Every student is unique, our curriculum handle each student according their character we called it individualize, please check the videos about our curriculum & download the brochures:  One child at a time & Individualized Class
  2. Our Curriculum embrace Multiple Intelligence as we believe every kid is smart but which area they’re smart ? so our students can join to all of our Extra Curriculars (Music, PE, Art/craft, Computer, etc, and  We try to find student talent’s by join Student Convention every year, so our student learn a lot of skills like art (https://holystar.sch.id/art/ ), craft (https://holystar.sch.id/craft/), sport, performance (https://holystar.sch.id/student-convention/platform/) , singing (https://holystar.sch.id/student-convention/vocal/), music (https://holystar.sch.id/student-convention/instrumental/), photography (https://holystar.sch.id/photography/), computer (https://holystar.sch.id/student-convention/media-arts/), academic (https://holystar.sch.id/academic/ ) & Scripture (https://holystar.sch.id/student-convention/scripture/). Please download: Student Convention 2017 Regulation to understand the program. IQ only test Language & Math skills, Actually, there are 8 skills that kid can be smart :
    1. words (linguistic intelligence)
    2. numbers or logic (logical-mathematical intelligence)
    3. pictures (spatial intelligence)
    4. music (musical intelligence)
    5. self-reflection (intrapersonal intelligence)
    6. a physical experience (bodily-kinesthetic intelligence)
    7. a social experience (interpersonal intelligence)
    8. an experience in the natural world. (naturalist intelligence)
  3. We help our students to control emotion (EQ) with our learning procedures, there are 60 characters of Jesus that they learn its every year, till its become habits. They learn the characters in everyday life in the school & 72 paces per year (6 subjects x 12 paces every subject)
  4. We conduct devotion every day to built up their SQ (Spiritual Quotient), they also need to memorize bible verse minimum 100 verses in 1 year. Every pace have 1 bible verse, in 1 year student finish 72 paces, and they need to memorize 2 verses every week. This is also help them to practice memorize.
  5. Our minimum pace test is 80 (IQ), so we make sure our student fully understand what they are learn, we called it Mastery-Based Academic Excellence (IQ).
  6. Our curriculum using Repeating in study; in 1 pace, there are 3 checks up, 1 self test & 1 pace test. We DON’T conduct Mid Test & Final Test, we just conduct 360 tests (72 paces @ 5 tests) in 1 year, we called it learning by Repeating. Repeating will stay in the long term memory, but learn a week / day before exam only stay in short term memory. Like we still memorize Pancasila till now because we memorized it over & over again since SD till SMU. With Repeating, students never be stressful and they just learn 6-7 subjects & no Mid/Final tests.
  7. Every student need to fill in Goal Card every morning & evaluate it before leave school, so they learn to be goal oriented, with this goal card a lot of lazy student in previous school become diligent in HolyStar school. Student check their paces by themselves, so they learn to be integrity, responsible & patient. No bully in the school either words or deeds, and students can socialize with bigger or smaller children as we put grade 1 till 12 in one class.

Why HolyStar ?

Cenderung Berdampak Negatif Bagi Anak, Kebijakan Tinggal Kelas Perlu Dikaji Ulang

Dampak Serius Bullying Pada Kesehatan Saat Anak Dewasa

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