Why HolyStar Christian International School ?

1. Our school building a strong Christian school culture
1a. No bully & friendly/family culture
1b. Strong in worship
1c. Strong biblical teaching
1d. Strong character building
We are a discipline school – meaning it will then it has a safe & friendly & warm environment
2. Our school building a strong Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) system
2a. Attentive to each child’s development
2b. We know very well how to run ACE’s individualistic program
2c.  Understand how ACE develop strong conceptual thinking in the child
Critical thinking mind is developed in our school.
3. Our school building a strong competitive advantage
3a.Build self control & discipline in every child
3b. Discover & develop a child’s talents & confidence
3c. Our school educate strong student leadership
3d. our school have strong extra curriculum (arts/craft, music, Computer, PE, etc)
Our school discover talents of each student & developed it
4. Biblical values are sowed in our school
4a. Read bible one chapter & our pastor preach about it every day
4b. Students learn to tell the story of the bible everyday
4c. Memorize the bible everyday
Spiritual Quotient is important in our school beside EQ & IQ.
5. Independent & confident students are raised
5a. Leader of the weeks lead the pray & salutation
5b. Student Convention conduct every year
5c. Boys Brigade
Our students learn how to be independent & confident through our programs.