Can Character be Taught? How does A.C.E. instill Character?

Can Character be Taught?

How does A.C.E. instill Character?

Students cannot learn to write by listening to teachers. They learn to write by writing. It is in the practical application of learning to write that they finally can write.

Similarly, a student cannot be taught character by just hearing. They can only learn the principles. Putting it differently, schools cannot teach character. It is through practical circumstances that students learn character.

So the question is, how do schools help their students learn character? Are there programs designed that give students the opportunities to apply the character lessons they learn?

Students sitting in the classroom cannot learn character.

In the A.C.E. Learning Center, students learn character when:

1. He leaves his office, he is required to push his chair in; he is learning responsibility.

2. He sets goals every morning; he learns to take ownership of his learning.

3. He finishes his goal; he learns diligence and responsibility.

4. He scores his PACEs; he learns honesty.

5. He raises his flag and waits for the supervisor to attend to him; he learns patience.

6. He waits going to the scoring station because it is occupied; he learns orderliness.

7. He withholds from speaking to his friends during class time; he learns selfcontrol.

8. He memorizes the verse in the PACEs; he learns determination.

In the A.C.E. program, this is what every student has to go through every day. This is the application aspect of the A.C.E. program.

Embedded in the A.C.E. program are the procedures that develop the student’s character