Accelerated Christian Education highly recommends the Quick Start Kit* for families who have never used the A.C.E. educational system. The Quick Start Kit addresses three critical areas essential to successful home education.

  1. Parental Training – A.C.E. recognizes that the parent is the primary person in home education. The Quick Start Kit provides training materials that will allow the parent to implement the A.C.E. program with confidence.
  2. Diagnostic Testing – The Quick Start Kit contains a Diagnostic Test Kit, which enables students who are already able to read to be placed in the curriculum at their performance levels. Each Quick Start Kit contains a test kit for one student (or, you may prefer to use the FREE online test). Additional Diagnostic Test Kits may be purchased separately.
  3. Record-Keeping – An important part of an effective homeschool program is maintaining good records. A Record-Keeping Set for one student is included in each Quick Start Kit. The Home Educator’s Manual gives explicit instructions on using the record-keeping forms correctly.

Accelerated Christian Education developed the Quick Start Kit to address the needs of the family. Training the parent to properly use the program, testing the student for proper placement in the program, and providing a record-keeping system to track student progress builds a strong foundation under a successful homeschool program.