International Certificate of Christian Education

The International Certificate of Christian Education was set up to give recognition to work completed over a number of years by secondary pupils using the ACE curriculum. With the appropriate ICCE certificate, ACE graduates need never return to state schools to gain college and university entrance qualifications. A board of Christian leaders and teachers controls the ICCE.

The International Certificate of Christian Education (formerly National Christian Schools’ Certificate) has been available in the UK for several years and is being accepted by colleges and universities in this country and abroad. It is a Christian alternative to secular qualifications and is recognized by a growing number of employers and universities in the UK and elsewhere. The UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) International Qualifications Handbook includes details of the ICCE (formerly NCSC). Providing formal recognition of the work completed by children on the ACE curriculum, six levels of certificate are offered.
In order to register on the ICCE you must be a member of TEACH (The European Academy of Christian Homeschoolers) or a CEE Ltd registered School in the UK, or a school or homeschool registered with one of our recognised Overseas Coordinators.

Basic Certificate

This course is only for pupils with special educational needs. It covers the basic curriculum including English, mathematics, science, history, geography, information technology and Bible study. It is a record of all the work achieved by the pupils.
A certificate of Achievement is available from TEACH.

Foundation Certificate
The Foundation Certificate is designed to meet the needs of lower attaining pupils. It is also suitable for pupils joining the ACE programme late in their educational career, who do not have the time to complete the ICCE General certificate.

General Certificate
The General Certificate was originally designed for those who expect to leave school at 16. It is awarded to pupils who are 17 or older. It should be noted that the ICCE programme is based on the completion of the course, not the age of the pupil.

Advanced Certificate
The Advanced Certificate is intended for those who wish to go into higher education or study professional courses at Christian or secular colleges and universities.

Advanced Plus Certificate
The Advanced Plus Certificate is for early finishers/ most able students. It requires Grade A at ICCE Advanced Level and consists of five further credits and two papers.