College Entrance Examinations

UniMost graduates of the A.C.E. program are capable of attending college. Many colleges require applicants to present results of a college entrance examination, the two most popular being the SAT and the ACT. Some students take both the SAT and the ACT. Some will also want to take the Pre-SAT as a practice test during their junior year. ACT and SAT scores are indicators of potential for college work and are important determining factors in admissions decisions.

Information concerning the SAT may be obtained at

Information concerning the ACT may be obtained at

Our Students that graduate from HolyStar school :

  1. Nia Priskilla graduate Oct 2013, accepted @
  2. Celine graduate Nov 2015, accepted @
  3. Clarissa graduate Dec 2016, accepted @ – USA
  4. Tiara Kristente graduate 2017, accepted in Law University in USA
  5. Jerry graduate 2018
  6. Jennifer graduate 2018
  7. Christle Louisa Manuella graduate 2018, accepted in LaSalle College Jakarta
  8. Eun Young (Grace) Lee graduate 2018, continue study in Vietnam