Why A.C.E. is the solution?

Why A.C.E. is the solution?

Many students fail to learn adequately

Conventional school requires students to obtain only 51% to pass their exams. Students who go through schools without sufficient understanding will graduate without sound thinking skills and understanding. They have not passed High School, they merely move from one grade to the next.

Mastery Learning

The A.C.E. program requires students to have mastered their learning by getting them to sit for many tests (called Check Ups) to reinforce learning, a Self Test to again reinforce the learning of the earlier tests, and obtain a minimum of 90%, and a final test that requires students to obtain 80% or more.

Class not Individual

Conventional schools think in terms of a class. Their teachers teach in order to complete the syllabus assigned to them at the end of each class. The teachers’ primary task is to teach the class and not the individual. He/she will not be able to make sure that every one understands the lesson.

Teach the Individual

A.C.E. believes education must be designed to suit the individual. God made each of us different academically, even though we may be of the same age. So the program is paced at the individual’s ability and not the teachers. Consequently, students learn at their individual speed. In A.C.E., the opportunity to succeed is available to every student.