A.C.E. is a Program that is learning focused; provides character training; and develops thinking skills

A.C.E. is more than a text-book curriculum. Some users, who see the PACEs as textbooks or workbooks, take the approach that by merely reading and passing the PACE test, they have completed the program. This is far from the truth and consequently, their students miss out on many of the benefits A.C.E. offers.

Character Training

The PACEs teach principles of character in all the subjects. However, character training requires the application and correction of these principles. It is the A.C.E. system that puts these principles into application. The raising of the flags, the scoring of the PACEs, the pushing of the chairs, and many more procedures within the A.C.E. program are training students in patience, perseverance, honesty, consideration and many other character traits. This is the application element of character training. Without application, character training is not complete. It is merely character teaching, that is, teaching the principles of character. It is merely knowledge of good character.

Mastery Learning

The PACEs and the procedures of A.C.E. are designed as integral components to develop mastery of concepts and critical thinking. Some users see A.C.E. as merely the workbooks or PACEs. In reality, the PACE is a self-instructional booklet, and it works together with the A.C.E. procedures. In fact, without complying to the procedures, students may be tempted to look for answers instead of learning. Not only will they not master the work, but looking for answers will not enhance their overall learning.

Project Handling & Skill Development

A.C.E. offers more than PACEs. There is the annual Student Convention where students come together in a residential situation and compete in art, craft, platform, music, athletics, academics, and photography. The preparation period that leads to Convention trains students to be committed to following through on the tasks they choose so as to bring them to completion. This is a good training ground for student as it teaches responsibility, perseverance, diligence, confidence, team-work and develops their talents and skills.

Critical Thinking

Student Convention and PACEs are designed to engage students to think in the Higher Order Thinking Skills (Bloom’s Taxonomy – discussed in July 2013 Newsletter). Student Convention provides opportunities to think outside the box, to create new pictures, songs, or playing creatively to attack or defend in sports or chess. Students are challenged to go beyond memorizing and understanding to analyze, evaluate and creatively design their work.