Why our International Curriculum is the best ?

Presenting Accelerated Christian Education curriculum

Why our International Curriculum is the best ?

  1. Every student is unique, our curriculum handle each student according their character we called it individualize, please check the video above about our curriculum & download the brochures:  One child at a time & Individualized Class
  2. Our Curriculum embrace Multiple Intelligence; We try to find student talent’s by join Student Convention, so our student learn a lot of skills like art ( http://holystar.sch.id/art/ ), craft ( http://holystar.sch.id/craft/ ), sport, performance, singing, music, photography (http://holystar.sch.id/photography/ ), computer, academic ( http://holystar.sch.id/academic/ ) etc. Please download: Student Convention 2017 Regulation to understand the program.                                             IQ test only measure Language & Math skills, Actually, there are 8 skills:
    1. words (linguistic intelligence)
    2. numbers or logic (logical-mathematical intelligence)
    3. pictures (spatial intelligence)
    4. music (musical intelligence)
    5. self-reflection (intrapersonal intelligence)
    6. a physical experience (bodily-kinesthetic intelligence)
    7. a social experience (interpersonal intelligence), and/or
    8. an experience in the natural world. (naturalist intelligence)
  3. We help our students to control emotion (EQ) with our learning procedures, there are 60 character of Jesus that they learn every year, till its become habits.
  4. We conduct devotion every day to built up their SQ (Spiritual Quotient), they also need to memorize bible verse minimum 100 verses in 1 year. Every pace have 1 bible verse, in 1 year student finish about 70-80 paces, and they need to memorize 2 verses every week.
  5. Our minimum pace test is 80 (IQ), so we make sure our student fully understand about what they are learning, we called it Mastery-Based Academic Excellence.
  6. Our curriculum using Repeating Theory in study; in 1 pace, there are 3 check up, 1 self test, then they can do pace test. We DON”T conduct Mid Test & Final Test, we just conduct 70-80 pace test in 1 year + 4 small test every pace so total is 350-400 test in 1 year, we called it learning by Repeating. Repeating will memorize in the long term memory, but learn a week / day before exam just memorize in short term memory. Like we still memorize Pancasila as we memorize it over & over again since SD till SMA.
  7. So HolyStar school help students to find their Intelligence, make character become habit (EQ) & depended to Jesus Christ (SQ). HolyStar School use Accelerated Curriculum Education (ACE) that suitable for student want to continue their study at overseas or International University in Indonesia (http://holystar.sch.id/international-college-di-indonesia/), because they just learn 7-8 subjects/semester & the graduation certificate from Australia/USA.

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