Partial List of Colleges & Universities that have accepted A.C.E. students

collegeSchool administrators have submitted to A.C.E. the names of colleges and universities that have accepted graduates from schools and/or homeschools using the A.C.E. program. These institutions from the U.S.A. and other countries are listed in Partial List of Colleges and Universities That Have Accepted A.C.E. Students (PDF format).

It is important to note that students were accepted by these institutions on an INDIVIDUAL basis.


Our Students that graduate from HolyStar school :

  1. Nia Priskilla graduate Oct 2013, accepted @
  2. Celine graduate Nov 2015, accepted @
  3. Clarissa graduate Dec 2016, accepted @ – USA
  4. Tiara Kristente graduate 2017, accepted in Law University in USA