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How to choose International School in Jakarta ?

Why choose HolyStar Christian School Jakarta that using International Curriculum (USA) & use full english in the class ?

Our Student achievement:

Math, Drawing (Art), Swimming, Dancing, Singing, Spelling, Photography, Computer, Craft, Golf. Fashion. Music (Piano). Bible, etc.

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if you learn about psychology you’ll understand, especially if you are in education or developmental psychology, why our International Curriculum is the best ?

  1. Every student is unique, our curriculum treat each student according their character we called it individualize, pls check the first video in this page about our curriculum or download  One child at a time & Individualized Class
  2. Our Curriculum embrace Multiple Intelligence; We found our student talent when their parents can’t find one, and now she become music genius even she is autism.
  3. We also educate student to control emotion (EQ), We successfully make our student become more passion, before it they very naughty, don’t understand ethics, a lot of school already give up handle these kids.
  4. We conduct devotion every day & full worship every Wednesday to built up their SQ (Spiritual Quotient), they also need to memorise bible verse about 100 verses in 1 year. Every pace have 1 bible verse, in 1 year student finish about 70-80 paces, and they need to memorise 2 bible verses every week.
  5. Our curriculum using Repeating Theory in study; in 1 pace, there are 3 check up, 1 self test, before do check up & self test, we staple their pace, after 4 times test, they can do pace test. So test never become problem for our student. We don’t conduct mid term test or final term test, we just conduct 70-80 pace test in 1 year + 4 small test every pace so total is 350-400 test in 1 year.
  6. Our minimum pace test is 80, so we make sure our student understand fully about what they are learning, we called it Mastering.
  7. Student Convention, our student join student convention every year,  so our student learn a lot of skills like art ( http://holystar.sch.id/art/ ), craft ( http://holystar.sch.id/craft/ ), sport, performance, singing, music, photography (http://holystar.sch.id/photography/ ), computer, academic ( http://holystar.sch.id/academic/ ) etc. Please download : Student Convention 2015 Regulation to understand the program.

The Great Commandment for parent :


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Thesis SOT values & vision

Thesis True_Education

Thesis Parent_Home_Educator_Roles

Do you need more information contact : (021) 0851 0500 2000 or email to : adm@HolyStar.sch.id


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