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HolyStar is affordable & the best International School in Jakarta

HolyStar Christian International School is affordable & the best English International School in Jakarta. HolyStar School using The Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) or School of Tomorrow curriculum provides opportunity for both student and teacher directed individualized learning. Students using this Biblically based curriculum are encouraged to progress at their own rate in order to reach their full potential in Christ. Watch our video presentation,
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Sekolah Internasional Terbaik di Jakarta

Sekolah Internasional terbaik di Jakarta seakan memberikan pembelajaran multikultur, yaitu keberagaman sisi ekonomi, social, serta budaya. Sekolah International terbaik di Jakarta memang tidak selalu didominasi oleh luar negeri, walaupun tidak menutup kemungkinan untuk menjalin kerjasama dengan dunia pendidikan di luar negeri. Pemandangan pendidikan luar negeri memang sudah sangat maju, yang perlu digaris bawah adalah kemajuan itu dilakukan dengan bertahap hingga mendapatkan finishing yang gemilang. Australia,
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Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner’s

                      Do you know IQ just measure Math & Language Skill ? if your child have low IQ they not automatically stupid, may be they have another intelligence like below pictures, if your child have one of 9 intelligences below, so they”re intelligence enough.                     Do you
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Learning Styles

Maximizing Your Student’s Learning by Recognizing and Utilizing All Learning Styles Learning Styles: ways in which the brain effectively gathers and processes information to learn A.C.E. systematically incorporates within its curriculum and programs methods to stimulate learning in these three major learning style areas. VISUAL LEARNING Learn by: 1. Reading, observing, or illustrating. 2. Using strong visual associations. Learning is strengthened by: Note-taking and illustrating.
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Stages of Development by Piaget

A child’s cognitive development is about a child developing or constructing a mental model of the world. Imagine what it would be like if you did not have a mental model of your world.  It would mean that you would not be able to make so much use of information from your past experience, or to plan future actions. Jean Piaget was interested both
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Stages of Faith by James Fowler

  Stage Description Simplified version by M. Scott Peck Stage 1 Intuitive-Projective This is the stage of preschool children in which fantasy and reality often get mixed together. However, during this stage, our most basic ideas about God are usually picked up from our parents and/or society. I. Chaotic-Antisocial People stuck at this stage are usually self-centered and often find themselves in trouble due
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Psychosocial stages by Erik Erikson

Erikson’s research suggests that each individual must learn how to hold both extremes of each specific life-stage challenge in tension with one another, not rejecting one end of the tension or the other. Only when both extremes in a life-stage challenge are understood and accepted as both required and useful, can the optimal virtue for that stage surface. Thus, ‘trust’ and ‘mis-trust’ must both
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